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Emperor Angelfish - Medium - Juvenile (A)
Pomacanthus imperator
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Tank Stats
Size: 2.5-4 inches
Care Level: Moderate
Temperament: Bold
Reef Safe: Juvenile Stage Only
Diet: Greens, Pellet, Flake
Origin: Indian Ocean
Acclimation Time: 3+ hours
Coral Safe: No
Invertebrate Safe: May nip at worms and clams
Minimum Tank Size: 100+

The Emperor Angelfish is commonly referred to as the Imperator Angelfish. With its beautiful blue body covered with bright yellow horizontal stripes, it makes a captivating addition to any tank. The changing emperor angelfish will vary in coloration and pattern as it transforms from juvenile to the adult coloration. The Emperor Angelfish grows up to 16 inches in the wild and needs to be kept in a tank not less than 100 gallons. The Emperor Angelfish needs plenty of live rocks for hiding and grazing, that is why make sure to decorate the aquarium cleverly. The Emperor Angelfish also requires extensive rockwork and deep caves to feel secure. The Emperor Angelfish may be found nipping at stony and soft corals, clam mantles, but doesn?t disturb other small polyped stony corals. The Emperor Angelfish should be fed a diet of Spirulina, marine algae, high-quality angelfish preparations, mysis or frozen shrimp, and other meaty items. The Emperor Angelfish thrives well in a temperature range of 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit and pH of 8.1-8.4. It is slow to accept captivity and very shy in nature. The Emperor Angelfish is susceptible to a variety of parasites and proper quarantine procedures are recommended. The Emperor Angelfish is not considered reef safe though some specimens have been reported to live peacefully without harassing small-polyped stony corals.

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