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ECO-GORGONIAN ? Purple Bottle Brush - (no longer available)
Muriceopsis flavida
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Tank Stats
Size: 3-6 inches
Care Level: Moderate
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
Diet: Photosynthetic,Plankton, Coral Smoothie
Origin: Caribbean
Acclimation Time: Temperature Acclimate
Coral Safe: Yes
Invertebrate Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: Nano
Size : 3-6 inches

ECO-GORGONIAN ™ are sustainably produced Caribbean photosynthetic gorgonians. Small frags are sustainably collected in the Caribbean and then are attached to coral plugs & grown in a Florida greenhouse until encrusted and ready for the home aquarium. The adult colony is in no way affected and regrows its branches creating a no impact sustainably collected gorgonian for your saltwater reef tank.

The Lavender Bottlebrush Eco-Gorg™ is an exceptionally hardy and well-proportioned gorgonian for all types of reef aquariums. At first glance it is easy to mistake this species with a Purple Plume (Antillogorgia sp.), but closer examination will reveal that the bottlebrush has round branches that are evenly covered with small polyps that can extend in all directions around the main axis. Rather than looking like an underwater feather, the bottlebrush is much bushier, appearing instead like a small purple Christmas tree. Their compact nature makes them another great candidate for nano reefs. 

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