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Cleaner Clam
Mercenaria mercenaria
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Tank Stats
Size : 1-2 inches
Care Level : Easy
Temperament : Peaceful
Reef Safe : Yes
Diet : Filter Feeder
Origin : Maricultured in Western Atlantic
Acclimation Time : 1+ hour
Minimum Tank Size : 5 Gallons

The Cleaner Clam makes a great and durable addition to any marine aquarium. These are considered an excellent water cleanser. The Cleaner Clam feeds on any flowing debris and also live algae. These can be a perfect janitor and serve as very good cleaning crew. The food that is caught on the gills is sent to the mouth or stomach. If the Cleaner Clam is provided with adequate supply of food, then the clam can live up to 25 years. They don?t need much light and in fact they will try to burrow into the sand or mud for cover. The Cleaner Clam can tolerate a wide range of temperature that is from 35 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The Cleaner Clam is a bivalve mollusk having two thick, equal-sized valves that are elliptical in shape and marked with conspicuous concentric rings. The hard clam?s body is surrounded by a mantle that secretes the shell. The Cleaner Clam features Siphons which are fused at the bases and functions as filters. These siphons have sensory tentacles that are involved in food selection. The Cleaner Clam has many common names such as hard clam, quahog, northern quahog, little neck clam and cherrystone clam. Growth and reproduction are mainly regulated and controlled by temperatures. They majorly spawn intermittently from May through October when the water temperature rises. The planktonic larval stage lasts for two weeks and at the end of this stage, the clam metamorphoses to the adult form and rapidly burrows into the substrate.

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