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Bubble Coral - Pearl - Large
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Price Elsewhere: $99.99
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Sale Price: $69.99
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Tank Stats
Size: 4-8 inches
Care Level: Easy - Moderate
Temperament: mildly aggressive within tentacle reach
Reef Safe: yes
Diet: medium to strong light, brine, plankton
Origin: Red Sea, Indian Ocean
Acclimation Time: 1+hour
Coral Safe: maintain tentacle distance
Invertebrate Safe: yes
Minimum Tank Size:

The Physogyra Bubble Coral is commonly referred to as the Grape Coral, Small Bubble Coral, or Octobubble. The Pearl Bubble Coral is large water filled bubbles (vesicles) covering large sharp sepia. It resembles grapes and expands mainly during the day, whereas, at night the vesicles are deflated. The Pearl Bubble Coral is hardy and takes time to acclimatize in a new environment. It is moderate aggressive towards other fishes, and has fairly potent sting. Since, its sweeper tentacles are not much longer, the Pearl Bubble Coral can be positioned fairly close to other neighboring corals. But we recommend providing them a plenty of space so that it can extend its tentacles without affecting any neighboring corals, and can grow freely. It prefers low to moderate water currents, and be sure not to place it in any direct current. Doing so will cause the coral?s vesicles to remain closed, that will eventually result in death. It thrives well in a temperature range of 75-84 degrees Fahrenheit, and requires moderate to strong lighting for its proper growth and developments. The Pearl Bubble Coral is photosynthetic, and manufactures its food and gets the nutrition from light. Additional supplements like shrimp or other meaty foods, which is consumed but feeding tentacles, may also benefits the Pearl Bubble Coral for its continued health growth. We also advise you to maintain and regulate the correct calcium levels in the aquarium, which is important for its skeletal development. The Pearl Bubble Coral is one of the most beautiful and easy to care coral that makes a great choice for any beginner aquarists. If you using the florescent tubes included for lighting, it may be better to place this coral closer to the surface. You should be vigilant towards the over-growth of algae as it might cause damage or even death to the coral.

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