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Brine Shrimp - Live
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Tank Stats
Size: 1 Bag
Care Level:
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Minimum Tank Size:

The Brine shrimp, also called fairy shrimp and sea monkeys in some contexts, are tiny but important organisms found in salt ponds. It is zooplankton that can be used as fry foods and makes a valuable food source for adult fishes in the tank. The Brine shrimp has high nutritional value that can live up to 5 hours in fresh water. The most interesting fact is that the eggs can be stored for many years as long as it is kept away from water and oxygen. Once these eggs are returned into oxygenated saltwater it resumes their development and hatch. The Brine shrimp are not so hard to feed and accept most foods that can filter out of the water. It is usually kept in small tanks where the water changes are of utmost importance. It?s also important to clean the bottom of the tank since brine shrimp molt very often during their way to adult hood which leaves a lot of remains on the bottom of the tank which may deteriorate the water quality. The Brine shrimp have been gut loaded with all of the essential vitamins and minerals that your fish needs to maintain its optimal health. So now you can feed this same naturally nutritious food at home. Live Brine Shrimp should be fed liquid Phytoplankton or Brine Shrimp Food when maintaining these animals for more than a few days. Before feeding Adult Brine Shrimp it is recommended to enrich them with a vitamin supplement such as Selcon that is high in HUFA and other fatty acids, a few hours before feeding aquarium fish to increase their nutritional value.

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