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Boyd's Chemi-Pure ELITE
11.74 oz
Price Elsewhere: $16.99
Saltwaterfish: $12.99
Savings: $4.00
On All Marine Life
Orders Over $199.99
And $99.99 In Florida
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Size: 11.74 oz

Get all the benefits of Chemi-pure now with the added benefit of being able to remove all your phosphate and silicates. NO need for bulk Iron Oxide removers or spending additional money on a phosphate reactor. Chemi-pure Elite keeps making your aquarium maintenance easier. Chemi-pure Elite was designed and manufactured with the latest technologies available. Chemi-pure Elite is without a doubt the best all around filter media for all types of aquatic environments. Chemi-pure Elite is very economical, simple to use, and provides problem-free filter operation. Some of the benefits of using Chemi-pure Elite are listed below:

  • -Keeps pH stable and constant
  • -Reduces fish loss due to pH changes or polluted water
  • -Keeps aquariums crystal clear
  • -Provides positive neurological reactions in fish, mimicking a natural environment
  • -Filters out phosphates (PO4) and silicates (SIO2).
  • -Reduces nuisance algae
  • -Removes dissolved organics.
  • -Helps fish have a better appetite
  • -Eliminates osmotic shock.
  • -Increases fish life span.
  • -Filters out coppers, metals, odors and phenol.
  • -Prevents ion antagonism
  • -Lasts up to 4 months
  • -Available in several sizes

Simple to Use Instructions:
1. Keep Chemi-pure Elite packages sealed until ready for use, then remove bag directly from the bottle.
2. Rinse Chemi-pure Elite bag with filtered water.
3. Keep the nylon bag closed, and insert into filtration system where carbon or chemical filtration is required, laying bag flat, and allowing for a substantial flow of water flowing through the nylon bag. Be sure to place Chemi-pure Elite in an area of your filter that is large enough to accept the amount needed.
4. If necessary, use filter floss to fill gaps, and to support the Chemi-pure Elite bag so it remains directly in the water flow path.
5. Change floss and rinse off bag when flow-through filter decreases
6. Chemi-pure Elite is specially formulated, and should not be divided under any circumstances.

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