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Blochii Surgeonfish
Acanthurus blochii
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Tank Stats
Size: 3-4 inches
Care Level: Moderate
Temperament: Bold
Reef Safe: Yes
Diet: Herbivore, macroalgae, seaweed sheets, film algae
Origin: Hawaii
Acclimation Time: 3+ hours
Coral Safe: Yes
Invertebrate Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 125 gallon

Also known as Ringtail Tang / Surgeonfish .The Surgeonfish family consists of fish which are colorful, thin-bodied, and usually have an oval shape. These fish have long continuous dorsal and anal fins and crescent tailfins. The scalpel at the base of their tailfin is very sharp and is used by the fish for protection from predators as well as a way of establishing itself with other fish. These fish are usually seen at reefs eating algae all day long.Needs a varied diet, including fresh macroalgae, Spirulina, dried seaweed , and enriched vegetable flakes and some meaty foods. Requires two or three feedings per day.In the wild this tang may grow to 16 inches in length.

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