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Mushroom Coral - Green Rhodactis - (no longer available)
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Tank Stats
Size : 5+ Polyps
Care Level : Easy
Temperament : Mildly aggressive if place near other corals
Reef Safe : Yes
Diet : Light - Medium Flow, marine snow
Origin : Indo- Pacific
Acclimation Time : Temperature Acclimate
Coral Safe : Yes
Invertebrate Safe : Yes
Minimum Tank Size :

The Purple Rhodactis Mushroom Coral adds vibrant color to any reef tank, and makes a captivating addition to a home aquarium. It features a red mouth, has papillae that form cauliflower-like patterns, which can grow up to 3 inches in diameter. The Purple Rhodactis Mushroom Coral contains Zooxanthellae inside its tissues that help in manufacturing food using light energy, and is also responsible for its color too. It is very easy to grow and propagate in captivity, which makes it a valuable addition to any reef tank. It should be kept in a tank not less than 5 gallons, and with low marine light. The Purple Rhodactis Mushroom Coral thrives well in a temperature range of 72-83 degree Fahrenheit, and with salinity of 1.020-1.025. It is semi-aggressive if they are placed near any corals, therefore make sure to leave 6-8? space between your mushroom and other corals. It is hardy and relatively easy to maintain, and that makes a very good choice for an aquarist. The Purple Rhodactis Mushroom Coral is a coral without a skeleton and its internal structures are the same as stony corals. Since it lacks the long feeding tentacles to capture prey, its little ridges do hold several types of stinging cells. The Purple Rhodactis Mushroom Coral cannot tolerate high level of light, and should be kept in shaded areas, or it turns brown and fails to thrive. Also, the Purple Rhodactis Mushroom Coral cannot handle high or moderate water flow, but can tolerate high levels of nitrate. The Purple Rhodactis Mushroom Coral can be found almost always at at reasonable prices.

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