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Tube Anemone - Assorted
Cerianthus sp.
Tube Anemone - Assorted
  Care Level
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More Details
Tank Stats
Size: 5+ inches
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Aggressive
Reef Safe: Yes
Diet: Carnivore, brine shrimp,chopped fish and shrimp, tubifex
Origin: Indo-Pacific
Acclimation Time: 1+ hours
Coral Safe: Yes
Invertebrate Safe: Monitor
Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallon
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The Tube Anemone is named aptly because of its appearance, and is also referred as tube dwelling anemone. It is best to keep it in a reef or species only aquarium with soft and deep substrates. The Tube Anemone has a varied color shades from tan, pink, purple or even have shades of fluorescent green, which looks amazing under actinic light. The aquarium should contain many live rocks to take refuge, and it is not photosynthetic, thus feeding it with a proper diet is essential. The Tube Anemone doesn?t need a brightly lit tank, and need to be fed regularly when it is fully expanded. The food includes small frozen foods such as brine or mysis shrimp, chopped pieces of fish and zooplankton. The Tube Anemone is generally a filter feeder that requires regular feedings of live or frozen small foods. It exhibits stinging cells that are considered poisonous and toxic to other invertebrates, thus keeping it at a distance from other neighboring corals is recommended. The Tube Anemone makes an attractive and beautiful species in the tank, and adds a splash of vivid colors into the tank. It has tentacles that fluoresce, and it absorbs light and shines back as visible light. The Tube Anemone looks gorgeous when kept under actinic light and captivates any onlookers. If attacked, it can retract quickly into the tube, which is open at its lower end to allow the water to give way.
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You will receive our choice of tube anemones available from our inventory. We consider a tube anemone to be assorted when it does not match one of our other selections.These colorful tube dwelling anemones build their tube with specialized nematocysts (Nematocysts are individual cells usually on the outer surface of the organism which have a variety of functions, most usually in defence or capture of prey species. ) called ptychocysts layered with mucus secretions.They normally bury themselves in soft sand, mud or in coral rubble.Some of these anemones may have a powerful sting but most are safe to keep with fish and invertebrates.Feed daily and supplement the iodine levels as needed for best health. This species can live for years in optimal conditions.
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