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Snowflake Eel
Echidna nebulosa
Snowflake Eel
  Care Level
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More Details
Tank Stats
Size: 6-15 inches
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Docile
Reef Safe: Monitor
Diet: Meaty
Origin: Indian Ocean
Acclimation Time: 2+ hours
Coral Safe:
Invertebrate Safe:
Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallon
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The Snowflake Eel is one of the most suitable species to keep in the aquariums. It can grow up to 40 inches in an aquarium and is a graceful moray species. The Snowflake Eel has white body blended with yellow and black spots all over it. It generally adapts well to aquarium and is very resistant to diseases. This eel is hardy and also easy to care, therefore it is a very good choice for beginner aquarists. The Snowflake Eel takes time to acclimatize in the new environment, but it does well and becomes more active once it gets adapted to the environment. Be careful while putting your hand inside the tank, it might mistaken it for a crustaceans and bite it. Since the Snowflake Eel is not considered reef safe, it eats crustaceans in your aquarium. Also, might damage the tips of corals while exploring the whole aquarium, they are safe to keep with anemones and gorgonians. Since the Snowflake Eel feed on the small fishes present in the aquarium, this eel should be kept with large aggressive fish such as triggers and puffers. We suggest you to keep few caves and live rocks in the aquarium to provide them with a natural environment. More than one can be kept but only if the caves are present for each of them. The Snowflake Eel is indigenous to the Indo-Pacific Ocean, and from the Red Sea and the east coast of Africa. It is very good in jumping and hence it is advised to keep them in a closed aquarium to prevent them from coming out. Largely a nocturnal feeder, the Snowflake Eel is often visible during the day, even if only when peering out from under or between any decorative rock provided.
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The Snowflake Eel is one of the more popular Eels because of its docile nature when small. These Eels can be successfully kept in a community tank if well fed and given the proper hiding places. They are colored in white with black marking throughout its body. These Eels are very hardy and can grow quite large in the home aquarium over many years.Provide with many places to hide, and ample room to move around. Because of this eel's size and strength, rock formations should be stacked firmly to prevent structures from becoming dislodged.A predatory bottom-dweller, this carnivore will actively go in search of food. With blunt teeth for crushing its favorite prey, crustaceans, the Snowflake Eel also eats fish. Juvenile and adult specimens alike readily adapt to aquarium life, accepting all types of fresh and frozen fares including clam, crab, shrimp, squid, scallop and fish meat. Usually if well fed, by feeding several times a week of an amount of food to satisfy the eel's appetite, it ignores other tank inhabitants. It is not uncommon for eels to go into a "hibernation" period, often hiding and not eating for several weeks, or longer.This eel will grow to 36".Photo by member, 987654321: Jeff Bettis.
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