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Home > Marine Life > Saltwater Fish > Wrasses - Reef Safe
Sixline Wrasse
Pseudocheillinus hexataenia
Sixline Wrasse
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Being a popular Wrasse species, the Sixline Wrasse certainly makes a tremendous addition to your home aquarium or fish tanks. The Sixline Wrasse is absolutely reef safe and has a blue body with six orange horizontal stripes racing from head to tail with a petite "false eye" at the base along with green tail fins. This false eye is structured to confuse predators and gives this intelligent fish a nice chance to escape. The Sixline Wrasse is mesmerizing which makes your aquarium captivating and beautiful to watch. It is a very active fish and loves to wander in the tank with curiosity. The Sixline Wrasse loves to spend most of its time swimming and darting in and out the rocky caves. Its active swimming style makes it as popular as its vibrant colored body. The Sixline Wrasse is very easy to maintain and does not need any kind of extra treatments or care. It even eats bristle worms and flat worms. The Sixline Wrasse has powerful jaws that enable them to crush their food, which includes worms. It is one of the tiny fish that buries itself in the sand while sleeping or during flight. The Sixline Wrasse can also be seen cleaning the fins and bodies of other fishes, picking off parasitic isopods and copepods. They are excellent hiders which makes it very difficult for a photographer to shoot their pictures. A distinctive feature of this fish is that it sleeps in a mucus cocoon by masking its scent, which protects it from predators. The Sixline Wrasse is mostly found in tropical marine waters of the Indo-West and Central Pacific including the Red Sea. They should be kept singly as it is not that social with co-Wrasse species, but they are absolutely reef safe.
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What's not to love about the Six Line Wrasse, a.k.a. Pajama Wrasse or Japanese Wrasse? This wonderful little fish is a tremendous addition to any fish tank and is reef safe. The Six Line Wrasse is a small wrasse which has a blue body with six orange horizontal stripes racing from head to tail. Their tail fins are green in color with a small "false eye" at the base. These exquisite little fish are very active and have lots of curiosity as they swim from place to place -- then hover in place. These fish are very easy to care for and are also beneficial for their interest in eating nuisance bristle worms and flat worms.The Wrasse family of fish is a large group of usually very colorful free swimming fish. These fish are powerful swimmers using their pectoral fins to propel them through the water. Wrasses usually have powerful jaws that enable them to crush their food, which includes worms. These fish usually have long continuous dorsal fins and are found in groups in the wild. The Wrasses are one of the few fish that will bury themselves in the sand when sleeping or during flight. Photo by member, GeckoPSU.
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