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Shrimpgoby - Yellow Watchman
Cryptocentrus cinctus
Shrimpgoby - Yellow Watchman
  Care Level
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Tank Stats
Size: 1 inch
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
Diet: Live Brine, Pellet, Flake
Origin: Indian Ocean
Acclimation Time: 3 + Hours
Coral Safe:
Invertebrate Safe:
Minimum Tank Size:
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The Shrimpgoby - Yellow Watchman is very well known for its bright yellow coloration. It basically enjoys resting on the bottom. The Shrimpgoby - Yellow Watchman has a high dorsal fin along with bright blue spots on their heads, fins, and body, and that makes it very special and adorable fish in any fish tank. More often they pair up with shrimps to secure their burrow. The Shrimpgoby - Yellow Watchman is also known as yellow watchman prawn, or yellow shrimp Goby, and has been widely known to have symbiotic relationship with pistol shrimp. The Shrimpgoby - Yellow Watchman watches out for the predators and warns the shrimps, since the shrimp has limited eye and therefore needs shrimpgoby to alert them of predators, whilst the pistol shrimp?s hole has been used as a shelter for Shrimpgoby. They are very good leapers and have the tendency to jump from pool to pool, so it is advisable to keep them in a covered tank. Only one should be kept in an aquarium, or in pair or else it is territorial in nature, and has the tendency to attack on other shrimp gobies. These fishes can be well adapted in any aquarium and even can be seen spawning in some lucky reef tanks. Theses fishes should be fed with a variety of foods, including fresh and frozen Mysis shrimp, enriched brine shrimp, and should be fed at least twice a day. It attributes an amazing frown and likes to peek out from behind rocks. There is a distinctive characteristic that differentiates male from female, like in males the body color is bright yellow, unlike females who tends to be more grey in color, with both having bright blue dots on their body. Though they are resistant to diseases, but still needed to take proper precaution.
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The Yellow Watchman Goby, a.k.a. Gold Shrimpgoby, is a bright yellow fish that enjoys resting on the bottom. These fish have a high dorsal fin or spine and bright blue spots on their head, fins, and body. They are often found pairing up with Shrimp to secure their burrow. They make tremendous additions to established reef tanks.These fish are also jumpers, so precautions should be taken to secure openings at the top of the aquarium. Only one should be kept per tank.Gobies compose one of the largest family of fish in the ocean. These small fish live around reefs or on sandy flats. Many of the Gobies are known for their burrowing behavior. These fish use burrows in the sand for safety. Some of the Goby species are known to share their burrows with Pistol Shrimp; behavior that can be duplicated in the home aquarium. Most Gobies have cupped ventral fins that nearly join just below their gill plates that serve as perching mechanisms so the Goby can always be on the lookout in a resting position. The Goby is a tremendous addition to the home aquarium.Photo by member, Lauren DeMartini.
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