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Purple Pseudochromis
Pseudochromis porphyreus
Purple Pseudochromis
  Care Level
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More Details
Tank Stats
Size: 2 inches
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Bold
Reef Safe:
Diet: Pellet, Flake, Brine
Origin: Indian Ocean
Acclimation Time: 3+ hours
Coral Safe: Yes
Invertebrate Safe: Monitor with shrimp
Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallons
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The Purple Pseudochromis is also known as Purple Dottyback, Strawberry Gramma, or Magenta Dottyback due to its beautiful magenta body color. It is among the hardiest of fish and is very easy to maintain, that makes it a very good choice for beginner aquarists. This little beauty can be aggressive towards other smaller fishes in the tank, hence should be kept singly and should not be mixed with other Basslets or Dottybacks. The Purple Pseudochromis should be provided with ample rock work, and do well in a community tank. It will remain in its caves or crevices and comes out only when it will be fed. The Purple Pseudochromis looks stunning in any tank with their dramatic coloration. It is capable of changing sex, and when the eggs are laid, the male is known to carry these eggs in its mouth to keep it aerated. The Purple Pseudochromis is only aggressive towards similar looking species, it generally mixes well with other fishes. The Purple Pseudochromis is great for reef tanks and makes a great addition to it. If you wish to have a group of this little beauty in your tank, introduce all the Purple Pseudochromis fish at a time so that it gets along well with each other at the time of acclimatizing and lessens the territorial behavior. The Purple Pseudochromis can be fed with frozen foods such as Mysis shrimp or Brine shrimp which are readily accepted by this beautiful fish.
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The Purple Pseudochromis, a.k.a. Strawberry Gramma or Magenta Dottyback, is colored in a solid bright purple color. These fish make tremendous additions to reef tanks. They prefer lots of rockwork and do well in a community tank. Keep only one per tank and do not mix with other Basslets or Dottybacks.Dottybacks are a group of small, colorful basslet-like fish that inhabit the crevices and small caves of the coral reef.Dottybacks can be kept in smaller aquariums, although larger tanks with plenty of live rock are preferable. They are territorial and will defend the area they have claimed as home quite aggressively. Housing several dottybacks depends on the size of the tank and the amount of hiding places available. There is some success with introducing several dottybacks at the same time, this allows each to establish a territory to defend, without giving an advantage to one. Once a dottyback has becomes accustomed to a tank, it is usually difficult to get another introduced without being attacked. Dottybacks vary species by species in aggressiveness, and care should be taken when deciding which to introduce to an aquarium community.Dottybacks are easy to feed, and frozen foods such as Mysid shrimp or Brine shrimp are readily accepted. They are also known to feed on small bristle worms, and have been introduced to tanks to help control excessive bristle worm populations. Aqua-cultured dottybacks are also fed pellet or granulated food.The family of Dottybacks are well known for their elusive nature. These fish tend to stay within their crevice or cave until it is time to feed. Their color is usually quite dramatic and they are capable of changing their sex. When eggs are laid the males are known to pick up the eggs with their mouths in order to keep them aerated.
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