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Flower Anemone
Epicystis crucifer
Flower Anemone
  Care Level
Price Elsewhere: $29.99
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Sale Price: $13.49
Savings: $16.50
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Tank Stats
Size: 1-3 inches
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
Diet: Meaty Foods and Strong Lighting
Origin: Caribbean
Acclimation Time: Temperature Acclimate
Coral Safe:
Invertebrate Safe:
Minimum Tank Size:
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The Rock Anemone is also commonly known as the rock flower anemone, which are found in a myriad of color options. The oral disc might being a different color than the rest of the anemone. It makes a great addition to any reef tank and adds a splash of colors into it. Its oral discs lack tentacles and often appear beaded. The Rock Anemone can be kept either singly or in groups. It prefers to live in a shady region, vertical rock walls, or within any substrate. By burying itself in the sand, it only shows its oral disc and tentacles and the remaining part of the body stays inside the sand to protect itself from predation. The tank should contain lots of rock work and caves for hiding spots, and a thick sand bed for burrowing. The Rock Anemone is a hardy anemone which will adapt to a wide variety of lighting conditions. It is mainly a carnivore, and requires meaty food to survive, therefore can be fed with mussels, freshly chopped fish meat, as well as high quality frozen foods. Addition of traces of iodine and strontium aids in continued good health. The Rock Anemone is absolutely reef safe and the clownfish generally do not host with this anemone. It should not be kept in tank less than 20 gallon, and requires light and lower flow and regular feedings to thrive well in a community tank. The Rock Anemone is very easy to care also, which makes it a very good choice for the beginner aquarist.
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The Rock Anemone is a small flower-like Anemone. The disk is green, tan, or brown with numerous short tentacles around the outer edge. The tentacles of this Anemone are usually ringed. The Rock Anemone will usually have a pink mouth and the base is often pink or orange. As the name suggests, this anemone will put its foot into a rock crevice and stay there. These Anemones are very hardy and should be provided strong lighting and water flow. Anemones will not tolerate poor water quality.Anemones are solitary polyp organisms which are supported internally by water. Anemone species are differentiated by the color, shape, placement, and length of the tentacles. These Cnidaria feed off of zooxanthellae within their bodies and need a strong light source in order to survive. They will also take in food by using their tentacles to slowly move the prey to their mouths which is a slit in the center of the body. This single opening also serves as its way of expelling waste. Anemones use tiny stinging cells in their tentalces called "nematocysts" in order to stun their prey. The nematocysts within these tentacles are also used as a defense mechanism. The nematocysts can also disturb human flesh and should be considered dangerous, especially to those that have known allergies. Anemones found in the wild usually have found a crevice to hide their foot, or base, leaving only the tentacles exposed.Some Anemones are shipped in little or no water. Float them for half an hour, discard any water in the bag, then release the Anemone directly into the aquarium. You can also choose to drip acclimate in a bucket by themselves.Anemones have nematocysts, a.k.a. stinging cells, and can be dangerous to the touch. These creatures can cause injury or death. By purchasing this item you agree that you understand this is a dangerous creature and that is not responsible for any injury or death that may occur.Photo by member, Reefkprz
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