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Deep Sea Yellow Gorgonian
Diodogorgia sp.
Deep Sea Yellow Gorgonian
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The Deep Sea Yellow Gorgonian is an attractive branching tree-like coral, which is extremely brittle and can break off easily. It is non-photosynthetic in nature and needs adequate space away from neighboring corals or anemones. Its tendency to break off from the main stem leads to an easy propagation in your home aquarium. The Deep Sea Yellow Gorgonian requires a moderate amount of light depending on the amount of filter feeding food that is available. It thrives well in a stronger water flow and with strontium, iodine and other trace elements in the water. If you observe algae growth on this Deep Sea Yellow Gorgonian, remove it immediately, and brush it off softly to prevent further tissue deterioration. Also, by soaking the Deep Sea Yellow Gorgonian coral in the freshwater of same temperature for about 1 minute combats the growth of algae. The Deep Sea Yellow Gorgonian can be fed a few times a week with a filter feeding food and can be provided with the varied diet of live or frozen baby brine shrimps, phytoplankton and other micro foods. It often requires target feeding in which the food is given at regular intervals and straight to the polyp, sometimes with the help of a dropper. The Deep Sea Yellow Gorgonian can be kept in a captive reef aquarium with tiny polyps form colonies that are normally erect, flattened, branching and reminiscent of a fan. The Deep Sea Yellow Gorgonian is mainly supported by a skeleton of tightly grouped calcareous spicules, therefore additional calcium supplements helps in continued good health. They do require care, or they will waste away in captivity. The Deep Sea Yellow Gorgonian takes a little adjustment while adapting to new water parameters, but once it acclimatized it opens up within hours and does well in any home tank. It is peaceful and requires a piece of live rock to anchor its base. Being non-photosynthetic, it is more challenging to take care of the Deep Sea Yellow Gorgonian by feeding them at regular intervals with appropriate food.
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The Deep Sea Yellow Gorgonian, a.k.a. Orange Finger or Sea Rod, is a beautiful and brightly colored sea fan that is the hardiest Gorgonian available to the aquarium hobbyist; it is also NOT poisonous. The Deep Sea Yellow Gorgo is bright yellow-orange with red calyces and long finger-like branches. These branches carry small white polyps that open up after it has become comfortable in the aquarium. These polyps are designed to catch plankton. The Deep Sea Yellow should be positioned in a strong flow of water.The Deep Sea Yellow Gorgonian can be floated in the bag for a half an hour, discard any water in the bag, then place the item directly into the tank. Or one can choose to drip acclimate the item.Shipping note: this item is shipped in water only; without any air.Photo by member, Lauren DeMartini
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