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Cleaner Shrimp
Lysmata amboinensis
Cleaner Shrimp
  Care Level
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Tank Stats
Size: 1-1.5 inch
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
Diet: Brine, Flake, Pellet, Meaty
Origin: Indian Ocean
Acclimation Time: 3+ Hours
Coral Safe:
Invertebrate Safe:
Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons
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The Cleaner Shrimp can be found in the tropical waters of the Western Pacific Ocean. These are larger shrimps and can be easily identified by the single white stripe down the back from head to tail, and flanked by two red stripes that terminate at its posterior region. Apart from it, the remaining body is orange in color with two white dots at the top edge, along with six white antennae. The Cleaner Shrimp, as the name suggests, is mainly known for its cleaning property, as it can clean parasites from fish and eels, and even the mouth of a large Grouper. It is also known as skunk cleaner or scarlet cleaner for the aforementioned property. Not only this, the Cleaner Shrimp also provides cleaning services to most furious predators. They are typically found in small caves and in reefs (rocky and coral reefs). The Cleaner Shrimp is easy to keep and does not require any kind of special attention or care to maintain. Feeding the cleaner shrimp is relatively easy because it eats nearly any meaty type fish food in the tank. The Cleaner Shrimp sheds its exoskeleton and undergo molting process. It becomes very vulnerable and needs iodine supplement periodically which encourages them to shed their exoskeleton. They are very peaceful and can be kept with their own species - they don?t harm other inhabitants. The Cleaner Shrimp belongs to the class Crustacea and order Decapoda, which is characterized by two pair of antennae, three body parts, and five pairs of legs. The Cleaner Shrimp features long stiff antennae through which it feeds, catches, and tears apart with their pincers. It has extended eyes and highly developed abdomen which allows for quick movement.
Cleaner Shrimp
I've had my cleaner shrimp for a couple months and he's healthy as can be. He's best friends with the Power Blue Tang, but diligently cleans all his tankmates whether they need it or not. He recently shed without difficulty. He spends most of his time beneath a large flat rock that sits about 3 inches above the sand. There's always a fish underneath there with him. This invert is a must have.
Reviewed by:  Dawn C from South Dakota. on 1/9/2013
The Cleaner Shrimp, a.k.a. Skunk Cleaner or Scarlet Cleaner, is definitely the most popular shrimp available in the aquarium hobby -- and for good reason. These shrimp have incredible coloring and lots of personality. Their bodies are clear to yellow in color with a deep red stripe down the back, split by a white skunk stripe. They also have long white antennae, which they love to clean daily.In nature, these shrimp set up large cleaning stations on the reef where fish will come to have parasites picked from their skin. The Cleaner Shrimp gladly provides this valuable service to even the fiercist predators. Cleaner Shrimp are often found lingering around an Eel's hole where it will clean the face of the eel as it sticks its head out.In the home aquarium, these shrimp not only are a blast to watch, but will also provide cleaning services for their fellow aquarium inhabitants. This can be very helpful in preventing diseases like Ick. The Cleaner Shrimp will also clean your hand when you place it into the aquarium. They are always hungry and love to be fed. They are very peaceful and more than one can be kept in a tank.Shrimp belong to the Class Crustacea and Order Decapoda, which is characterized by two pair of antennae, three body parts, and five pairs of legs. The head of Shrimp is connected to the thorax and covered by a shell called carapace. The antennae of Shrimp are normally long and thin and serve the Shrimp as extended eyes. Shrimp have highly developed abdomens which allows for quick movement. In order for Shrimp to grow they need to shed their exoskeleton, a process called molting, which allows them to remove their restricting shell and begin a new one. Often times in the home aquarium Shrimp will leave this translucent shell in full view so it can serve as a distraction while the Shrimp finds a hiding place and allows its new shell to harden.Photo by member, Lauren DeMartini.
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